South Warwickshire Local Plan

The Parish Council is strongly committed to preserving the character and heritage of Old Milverton and Blackdown for future generations to enjoy. The biggest planning issue affecting the parishes at the moment is the South Warwickshire Local Plan. This is a joint initiative between Warwick and Stratford District Councils and it has serious implications for the Green Belt in North Leamington.

The key documents produced so far by the South Warwickshire Local Plan team are:

  1. An Issues & Options consultation document.
  2. A Call for Sites interactive map which shows all the sites put forward for development. This pdf summarises the submissions in the parish area of Old Milverton and Blackdown.

The Parish Council has contributed to the process at each stage.

  1. We responded to the initial consultation in July 2021.
  2. We reiterated the case for preserving the Green Belt in a letter sent to the planning team in November 2022. We commissioned this work from Ridge & Partners, with whom we worked successfully in 2017 when previous proposals were scrapped.
  3. We submitted a detailed response to the Issues & Options consultation in March 2023.

We continue to monitor developments and will put all updates on our Local Plan webpage.

Planning applications

We take our responsibilities as statutory consultees very seriously and consider all planning applications that are submitted within the parish boundary. You can search planning applications on the Warwick District Council planning portal.